Past Exhibition - BREST - PORT OF LIBERTY

Discovery of the city-port and the major role of Brest in the American War at the end of the Enlightenment.

In part of the 240th anniversary of American independence, the Brest Navy Museum presents its new exhibition "Brest Freedom Port, at the time of American Independence"

Before the commemoration of the centenary of the landing of the Americans in Brest in 1917, this exhibition recalls the strong ties woven between our country and the United States. It traces the commitment of France Louis XVI in the war between the North American colonies in Britain 1775 1783 and highlights the strategic role then played by the port of Brest.

In February 1778, the Scottish privateer John Paul Jones arrives in Brest. He is the first officer of the young American navy to whom Louis XVI entrusts a ship. France has just joined the United States in fighting against the British crown. The freedom of the young American nation is preparing on the docks of Penfeld ...

The exhibition proposes, inside and outside, the discovery of the port city and the major role of Brest in the American war at the end of the Enlightenment.


Jean-Yves Besselièvre, administrator of the Musée national de la Marine in Brest
Lenaïg L'Aot-Lombart, mediation assistant.

Scientific advice:

Alain Boulaire, Doctor of State in HistoryOlivier Corre, Doctor of History
Marjolaine Mourot, Chief Curator of Heritage, Chief Conservation Officer, Musée national de la Marine

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