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Touch-Cast Exposure
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In 2007 they had dazzled the Parisians. Last year, they marveled visitors at the museum in Toulon and Brest. In 2015, they disembark in Rochefort: the toy boats are more than ever decided to make their show!

It will never be known when, for the first time, a child has begun to float a piece of wood and sail for hours on end. On the other hand, it is known that from the middle of the nineteenth century onwards sumptuous metal toy boats were produced for children from the richest circles. Art objects as much as games, equipped with systems of propulsion as ingenious as each other, they are the reflection of what adults expect of little boys, between patriotism and taste of technique. The nineteenth century democratizes toys, soon opens up to the joys of plastic and continues to invite children to unforgettable naval battle in the room. Our time is digitization, and boats leave the carpets for screens. But the ability of ships to train and captivate remains intact.

The ships presented here are all from the very rich collection of the museum. They deal only with the navy, and echo the ships produced at the same time in the arsenal of Rochefort. Touché-Coulé invites you to play with the beauty, the technicality and the historical depth of these exceptional witnesses, in a word, to play with your childhood.

Denis Roland, conservation attaché.

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