Teaching files - Secondary

Shipbuilding, scultpure, painting secondary school subjects but also as dedicated to secondary mutations of Shipping ...

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Designed with the help of the relay teacher, the pedagogical files decline historical, artistic or scientific themes.

Each file contains a fact sheet with a synopsis, lexicon and bibliography, a file Documents with literary extracts and chronology, a sheet Teacher's walk with a visit plan and a selection of works, a sheet Activities for students with a questionnaire and Many illustrations. In some files, a Tutorial Worksheet provides exercises to be done in class.

  • Wooden shipbuilding in the XVII centurye and XVIIIe centuries
  • The ships of war to the XVIIe and XVIIIe centuries
  • A journey of discovery in the Age of Enlightenment
  • The 17th century naval sculpturee in the nineteenthe century
  • The marine painting of the XVIIe the XXe century
  • Marine trade at the heart of industrial upheavals
  • Changes in the merchant marine and containerization
  • The French Navy during the Second World War
  • An ambassador on the seas: the liner France
  • The lighthouses of the French coast of XVIe the XXe century
  • The trip of the obelisk Luxor / Paris (1829 - 1836)
  • From amphora to container

Paris - Teachers

During the course of the work, the documentary resources are always accessible from this page.

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Paris - Practical Information

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Wooden shipbuilding in the 17th and 18th centuries, secondary

Wooden shipbuilding under the Ancien Régime.
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Ships of war in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, secondary

Organization of life on board and techniques of combat at sea.
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A journey of discoveries to the Enlightenment, secondary

The great scientific expedition wanted by Louis XVI and disappeared in the Pacific in 1788.
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Naval sculpture from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, secondary

The naval sculpture and the decor of the French warships.
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Marine painting from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, secondary

The marines over the centuries, from the port landscape to the naval battle, from the boat portrait to the rendering of the sea.
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Marine trade at the heart of industrial upheavals, secondary

The navy in the industrial era, from the development of steam propulsion to the development of steamships.
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Changes in the merchant marine and containerization

The effects of globalization on maritime transport in the 20e century.
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An ambassador on the seas, the liner France

Giant of the seas built at the shipyard of Saint-Nazaire.
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Lighthouses of the coasts of France from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, secondary

The sentinels of the seas.
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The journey of the obelisk

Educational package, an incredible journey
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Paris - From the amphora to the container - pedagogical file

2 000 years of maritime commerce, record for primary and secondary.
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Teaching files - Primary

Shipbuilding, sculpture, painting, warships but also voyage of discovery, maritime trade ...

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