Patron of the National Maritime Museum since 2008 and founding member of the business club (2010-2014).

  • 2011: Creation and donation of the frigate model Horizon Chevalier Paul entered the museum's collections
  • 2010: 41th Marine Show
  • 2008: Creation and donation of the model of the Projection and Command Building (BPC), the Mistral, entered the museum's collections
  • 2008: Exhibition "Landing" (2008) at the Museum of the Marine of Paris


DCNS is a French industrial group specialized in military naval industry, nuclear energy and marine infrastructures. A world leader in naval defense, he is the heir of the French arsenals born at the end of the 17th century and the Directorate of Constructions and Naval Weapons (DCAN), which became the Directorate of Naval Constructions (DCN) in 1991.

The involvement of DCNS in the field of boating, through a sharing of its technologies and sponsoring and sponsorship activities, is also old. The group is a partner of the Grand Prix of the Naval School, of the France Voile de Brest cluster, and works for the professional integration of reconversion sportsmen.

Paris - Museum of the Marine - Presentation

The museum in Paris has closed its doors for renovation.


The Club sponsors the National Maritime Museum was established in 2010.

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