CP - DP year 2014

Find the press releases and press kits of the 2014 year.

Press releases and press kits

The treasures of the collection put online

The funds of the museum's libraries are online!

Contemporary art invites itself to the National Maritime Museum

Benedict Donnelly appointed to the board of the Navy National Museum

Olivier Poivre d'Arvor new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Musée national de la Marine


Marine Show

Exhibition the journey of the obelisk

Exhibition of the Trianon collection at the Château de Versailles

Exhibition of the Amphora in the container

Night of the museums in Paris


He was a small ship ... toy boats in Brest

Tourism quality label, the distinguished brest museum


Reconstruction of the Medusa raft, a lesson in maritime history


Touch-cast®! The toy boats in Toulon