Brest - narrated tours School collection

Sightseeing 3-6 years - 1h

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The school supply is elaborated on the basis of the different cycles, from kindergarten to high school.

Princesses and knights

Become princesses or knights, the students discover the history of the castle of Brest, its functions and its architecture. In the various spaces of the Dungeon, the objects of the museum tell them a story, that of the characters who have marked the history of this site: the knight Gilles de Texüe, the Duchess Anne de Bretagne or the Princess Azénor.

To storm ! In the footsteps of princesses and knights ...


From Barbe-Noire to Captain Crochet, from the pirate ship to the sea biscuit, via the collision and the treasure island, children discover the universe of pirates. A visit during which alternate imagination and real history.

At the boarding! In the footsteps of the pirates ...

Brest - Teachers

Very nice collection of works witness the great naval adventure of the arsenal of Brest and the French navy.

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Brest - Marine Museum

unique heritage testifying to the great naval adventure Arsenal Brest and the French Navy.

Brest - School Tours - collection

Guided tours for 7-18 years - 1h30
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Brest - school workshops Visits - collection

Workshops for 7-12 years - 2h
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