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Workshops 7-12 years - 2h

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The school supply is developed on the basis of the different cycles, from kindergarten to university. Visits related to the teaching of the history of the arts are indicated by the acronym

Vauban and the defense of the harbor

In small groups, supporting materials, students discover the work of Vauban in Brest and surroundings. The engineer, appointed to the fortification of Brittany, is to prepare a defense plan for the harbor and the arsenal of Brest during his first stay in Brittany, 1683 ...

Vauban and the defense of the harbor

Laperouse: a shipping Enlightenment

In small groups, instructions and supporting documentation, students put themselves in the shoes of a Member of
the crew and lead the investigation into the conduct of the expedition through six themed, preparations until the archaeological excavations at the site of the sinking. At the end of the workshop, they recreate the incredible journey of La Perouse and his companions left Brest to fulfill the dream of a king.

Did you hear from Mr. de Laperouse?

Industrial expansion in Brest

In small groups and with documents, students will discover how the city of Brest reflects industrial expansion in the nineteenthe century France. While they imagine the lives of the convicts, students discover the demographic and industrial development of the city. Finally, the swing bridge and steam cruiser Laperouse symbolize the technological advances of the nineteenthe century.

Industrial expansion in Brest

Brest - Teachers

Very nice collection of works witness the great naval adventure of the arsenal of Brest and the French navy.

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Open every day from 01 / 10 to 31 / 03 13h30 - 18h30 except Tuesdays (except school holidays zone B)
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Visits storytelling for 3-6 years - 1h
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Guided tours for 7-18 years - 1h30
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