Brest - Educational Resources - Collection

Prepare the visit to the museum, animate it in the rooms and prolong the discovery by tutorials in class.

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To help you prepare for your visit, the museum offers you a set of regularly updated educational resources.

Pedagogical files - first and second degree

Designed with the help of the relay teacher, the pedagogical files cover historical, artistic or scientific themes. Each file includes a summary sheet with summary, lexicon and bibliography, a documentary sheet with literary excerpts and chronology, a card for the teacher with a map and a selection of the works, a sheet Activities for pupils with a questionnaire and many illustrations.

The castle of Brest - 1er degree
The Castle of Brest - second degree
Wooden shipbuilding - 1er degree
Wooden shipbuilding - second degree
A journey of discovery - 1er degree
A voyage of discovery - second degree
Brest and the industrial revolution - 1er
Brest and the industrial revolution - second degree

The history of the arts

Designed by the Relay Professor, these cards can be used in the history of the arts in a multidisciplinary framework.

Naval decoration: Pandora, figurehead
Naval decoration: Terror with the snake, study of wax
Naval decoration: American Indian, stern decoration in high relief
The naval decoration: Mars, term of stern
Models: Brittany, model of a 110 cannon
The ex-voto: Kerneelia Maria, votive model

Brest - Teachers

Very nice collection of works witness the great naval adventure of the arsenal of Brest and the French navy.

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Brest - Practical Information

The Brest museum is closed until further notice

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Brest - narrated tours School collection

Visits storytelling for 3-6 years - 1h
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Brest - school workshops Visits - collection

Workshops for 7-12 years - 2h
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Brest - School Tours - collection

Guided tours for 7-18 years - 1h30
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