Brest - Port Louis - Rochefort - Toulon European Night of Museums 2018

Exchanges, meetings, concert, exhibition: discover the night of museums in Brest, Port-Louis, Rochefort, Toulon

Programming 2018
  • Saturday 19 of 19:00 à 23:30
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Brest Program


Discovery of permanent collections

In the exceptional setting of the castle, the National Marine Museum presents a unique heritage bearing witness to the naval adventure of Brest and France. Alternating interiors and views of the harbor and the city, the visit allows to discover the construction and the naval decoration, the Lapérouse expedition, the prison, the ships of the post-war period ...

Discovery of the exhibition "razzle dazzle. art against attack! "

Come discover a subject as little known as surprising: the camouflage Razzle Dazzle * ships during the First World War!

* Dazzling, blinding, flashy

Class, the work!

High school students from Elorn High School will present their work around the Bee Bourbon as part of the "Razzle Dazzle" exhibition. Art counterattack! With a discovery workshop of essences and demonstrations. The Lycée Dupuy de Lôme will also present the partnership with the museum as part of the exhibition: presentation of an animated ship, comics and frescoes.

An inquiry, two museums!

On the occasion of their 50ème and 60ème anniversaries, the museum of fine arts and the national museum of the Navy propose to the families to discover the history of their collections, in the form of an investigation course.

Useful information

Musée national de la Marine
Castle of Brest - Rue du château 29200 Brest

From 19 h to midnight / last access 23 h

Free entry, without registration

Port Louis Program


(Re) discover the permanent collections

Rich of these 400 years of history, the citadel, of the top of its ramparts, offers an exceptional panorama on the harbor of Lorient and

Ile de Groix. The visit continues inside the high walls by the parade square, the ball park, the powder keg and the arsenal. The museum's collections take place in these buildings in two thematic areas: Sea Rescue and Ocean Treasures.

Find in the course, members of the association of the friends of the Navy Museum who will present their models and answer your questions.

Useful information

Citadel of Port Louis - 56290 Port Louis

From 20h to 00h (closing doors to 23h30)

Free entry, without registration

Rochefort Program


Museum of the Navy

Concert ambulation

They are 7 talented students of the music conservatory of Rochefort to invest the course. Two places, two directories, which are played several times in the evening: when one stops, the other starts. All in perfect echo with the mansion house that houses the museum.

Light is you!

In collaboration with the museums of Rochefort Océan, the museum invites you to an unusual experience. The lights will be off and you will provide the lighting with your flashlight. You do not have any ? join someone who is equipped!

Plunged in the darkness, the museum indulges in you as you've never seen it before. Adventurer, explorer, burglar, rascal doing some kind of stupidity: all feelings are possible .... And of course, the teams will be there to welcome you, talk to you and answer all the questions about our news, our projects, our goals and our missions.

Useful information

Musée national de la Marine
1 place of the Gallissonnière - 17300 Rochefort

from 20h30 to midnight
Come with a flashlight
Price: free, without registration

Toulon program


Discovery of permanent collections

True memory of the Arsenal, the museum illustrates the history of the Toulon military port by an exceptional collection of models of ships. Discover through models, relief maps, paintings and scientific instruments, the military destiny of the port of Toulon and the creation of its arsenal. It brings together under Louis XIV vessels and galleys and develops over the centuries to become the first port of war in France.

Event "Chanouga and the white aborigine"

Discover the world of Chanouga, author of comic books, which traced the incredible true story of Narcisse Pelletier, a young moss who, after a shipwreck in 1858, was immersed for 17 years in the aboriginal culture.

Class, the work!

A class of 5e from Henri Wallon College in La Seyne-sur-Mer will present his work based on a guided tour of the museum and important work in class, as part of the national program "the class, the artwork". The students prepared panels on great explorers by linking them to some of the navigation instruments presented at the museum. They have also written poems about maritime travel and the discovery of the world they will read to visitors ...

"I listen to the sounds of the sea"

This year, the museum celebrates a particular world, closed, living in isolation, promiscuity, noise and odors: that of submarines and submariners. Family workshops "I listen to the sounds under the sea", obtaining the patent "Ears of gold". Presence of the commander of the Perle nuclear attack submarine (ANS), return mission and former submariners who sailed on Diesel.

With the complicity of the Center of Interpretation and Acoustic Recognition (CIRA) of Toulon, which forms the ears of gold.

"The underwater world"

Creative workshops will be offered to young audiences on the theme of submarines and submariners, with the participation of a visual artist.

Useful information

Musée national de la Marine
Monsenergue Square, Norfolk Wharf - 83000 Toulon

From 19h to 23h30

free, without registration


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