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The bookstore boutique offers great gift ideas for the holiday season!

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Welcome to the Museum Shop Bookshop!

For the holidays: Fine books, decorating, tableware, textiles, youth, and gift ideas around the Razzle Dazzle exhibition.

Located at the entrance of the Madeleine Tower, take advantage of this beautiful space to discover a collection of original products representative of the museum's collections (PAP envelopes, magnets, keychains) decorative (glassware culbuto, porcelain, brass objects) feminine (umbrella, silk square, hosiery) or from the Navy (pompon, articles of representation for the sailor)

We also offer a universe for children around the medieval world (castle, knights and princesses) of pirates, Brittany: board games, wooden toys, figurines, models and models to build ...


Bookshop of the Musée national de la Marine
Brest Castle
29200 BREST
Such. 02 98 22 12 39

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Bibliophile, collector, curious, little foam, looking for gifts, marine activity in our stores bookstores await.

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From April to September the museum is open every day from 10h to 18h30. The museum will be exceptionally closed on Saturday 7 September.

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