Best wishes for the 2018 year

Best wishes for the 2018 year


From 2 to 10 December the Navy Museum is at Nautic!

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Pen Duick Tour, from 05 to 16 September


Chanouga on France 3 provence


Expo Chanouga in Toulon

Pen Duick V change anchorage

On Tuesday 4 next July 13H30 Pen Duick V will leave the National School of Sailing and Water Sports (ENVSN) and the bay of Quiberon from Port Haliguen to reach Lorient where it will be supported by the Association Éric Tabarly. This change of home port is the opportunity for the National Marine Museum owner of Pen Duick V to thank the ENSVN for hosting, managing and promoting this legendary boat since 17 years ago.

The story of Pen Duick V will now continue in Lorient under the auspices of the Éric Tabarly Association where he joins Pen Duick, Pen Duick III and Pen Duick VI.

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27 April award ceremony of the Jules Verne Trophy


Carmagnolle brothers' diving suit, new boarder at the Arts and Crafts Museum

The Franco-Norwegian team H2O architects and SNØHETTA
winner of the renovation competition
of the National Museum of the Marine of Paris

Presentation of the archictectural project by the architectural firm H20

Thursday 23 March was officially launched the renovation of the National Museum of the Navy by the Secretary of State to the Minister of Defense, Jean-Marc Todeschini who unveiled the name of the team winner of the architectural competition. H2O architects and SNØHETTA will work in dialogue with the architect of historical monuments and the museographer who will shortly be appointed.

The Ministry of Defense officially launched this vast project which will give life to the great French maritime museum of the XXI century which will reopen its doors in 2021.

Rich in its own history, which began in 1748, the museum will tell stories of marine, sea and sailors. Invitation to travel, living and interactive, it will carry emotions and knowledge. A powerful tool, it will raise awareness of the marine issues facing our planet.


THE PAINTERS OF MARINES, from the seventeenth to the twentieth century


It is the result of eight years of research, particularly in the collections of the National Museum of the Navy, of which Denis-Michel BOËL, General Curator of Heritage, is the Deputy Director since 2008, this beautiful 251 book which reproduces, comments and gives to read 300 paintings gathered here for the first time traces the singular history of the artists who took as subjects the adventure of navigation, the crash of naval combat, the complex architecture of the sails and keel, the spectacle of the sea.

The genre of the navy existed long before the term entered into the Dictionnaire de l'Académie française, in 1762. As early as the Middle Ages, many artists painted the sea, ships, landscapes or ports. Their works are invitations to travel, dives into history or the dream of elsewhere.

During the Renaissance, naval painting flourished first in Flanders and Italy, then in the Netherlands, then in England. Shared between two maritime frontages, France underwent according to the times the influence of the Italian art or that of the schools of the North. Under the Ancien Régime, official art was at the service of monarchs who saw the sea from afar, until Louis XV appealed to Joseph Vernet in 1753. Until then, confined to the arsenals, maritime art expresses a new sensitivity to nature. For a long time considered inferior to historical painting, the landscape becomes a reflection of man's feelings. And, in the 19th century, the sea is at the heart of the adventure of art: a scene of shipwreck, The Raft of the Medusa of Géricault (1819), is a manifesto of romanticism, and a view of the port of Le Havre , Impression, rising sun of Monet (1872), gives its name to Impressionism. But the navy can also be realistic, naturalist, orientalist, symbolist, postimpressionist, or tend towards abstraction. Isabey, Delacroix, Hugo, Boudin, Courbet, Manet, the impressionists - Monet, Caillebotte, Renoir - the Nabis, the Fauves, Marquet, Matisse and de Stael testify to the importance of the sea in artistic modernity. At the same time, generations of specialists of the genre developed from the nineteenth century a tradition of historical figuration, serving the Navy as well as maritime shipping companies.


Tuesday 11 October was presented in front of the exhibition
"Photograph the port 1845 - 2016"

Inauguration, exhibition "Photographing the port"© isabelle kevorkian

Tuesday 11 October was presented to the press the exhibition "Photograph the port. Toulon, 1845 - 2016". From a location unit - Toulon and its immediate surroundings - and an art, photography, the new exhibition of the Museum of the Navy in Toulon honors the city-port by unveiling facets until present unrecognized.

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The ENSTA ParisTech and the Musée national de la Marine,
gathered for a wider dissemination of the "maritime spirit"

evening of signature of the partnership museum of the Navy / ENSTA Paris Tech© Musée national de la Marine

Commissioner General Vincent Campredon, Director of the National Marine Museum and General Weapons Engineer Élisabeth Crépon, Director of ENSTA ParisTech, signed the 3 October 2016 a partnership agreement to promote marine engineering, science , techniques, history and the arts related to the sea, both in its past achievements and in its future orientations.

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European Heritage Days
at the Marine Museum in Rochefort.

The students of the Lycée Valère Mathé, witnesses of a course of citizenship with their teacher © Musée national de la Marine

The theme of the European Heritage Days of this 2016 edition "Heritage and Citizenship" was the red thread of the weekend at the Museum of Marine in Rochefort.
The 2000 visitors to the museum were able to meet and exchange with representatives of associations that work daily for citizenship. Legion of Honor, National Order of Merit, the Institute of Advanced Defense Studies and the Association of Retired Petty Officers presented actions most often aimed at the younger: citizenship, citizenship, citizenship and memory, etc. .
These heritage days were the occasion to host an exhibition created and organized by students of the professional school Valère Mathé d'Olonne sur mer, following their memorial and civic journey, in the Struthof then in the European Parliament.


Ohé Matelot, the Marine Museum in Paris-Plages

Inauguration of the museum's stand in Paris-beaches© National Museum of the Navy / C.Drahé


This summer, the Paris premiere, the participation of the museum in Paris-beaches in partnership with the Musée du Louvre. On the la Villette basin, a program for the whole family on the themes of sustainable development and recycling but also in connection with the sea and the museum with a game of naval battles and mimes sessions before a painting of Vernet etc. .. Find the whole program on the Dedicated page.


Exhibitions of scale and application for this month of June

Poster: John Paul Jones - Original drawing Patrice Pellerin © Marine National / Benjamin Papin - design Secondary residence

This month in June saw the launch of two exhibitions on the coast. Port-Louis opens the show on June 05, with «Images of the Belle plaisance» and his pictures of classic yachts. In Brest it is a major exhibition which begins on the 10 June, on the American independence and the role played by the port of Brest in this conquest "Brest Port of Liberty". On the occasion of this exhibition, the castle first mobile application ! Enriched visiting trail, play, accompany the visitor in the heart of the exhibition and even outside the castle to discover the vestiges of the war of independence in the heart of Brest.

A maritime adventure, exceptional sailors and works of art,
the Jules Verne Trophy

© Jacques Vapillon

Tuesday 17 may more than 200 people from the world of sailing gathered at the museum to celebrate the Jules Verne trophy. This evening was a first for the association Tour du monde in 80 days, it was not a question of presenting the trophy but to evoke its history and its future at the dawn of its 25th anniversary.

To know more about the evening and on the association "Tour of the world in 80 days", discover the official website of the trophy launched during the evening.

Signing an International Museum Partnership

© National Museum of the Navy / O. Blétry

The 9 last May at the Seychelles Embassy in Paris, the Director of the National Marine Museum, Commissioner General Vincent Campredon and the Ambassador, His Excellency Bernard Shamlaye, signed a Memorandum of Understanding as part of the project Seychellois for the creation of a large national naval museum.
This agreement marks the beginning of a privileged cooperation partnership between the two countries, linked by a common historical and maritime heritage, with a view to the future installation of the Marine Museum of Seychelles as of June 2016.

The Seychelles chose to entrust the Navy Museum with the training of the agents - currently stationed at the Museum of Natural History of Seychelles - of their future museum. These trainees left between the museum of the Palais de Chaillot in Paris and the coastal museums located in Brest, Port-Louis and Rochefort. At the time of the signature, the Ambassador reminded that "the prestigious National Museum of the Navy in Paris, Brest, Port Louis, Rochefort and Toulon to the internationally recognized excellence, is authoritative and is a reference, a model for Seychelles. "

For his part, Commissioner General Vincent Campredon stressed "the honor for the National Museum of the Navy in France to have been selected. [..] This is a real recognition of our experience. "On the eve of its own major renovation, the National Marine Museum is proud to take part alongside the Seychelles in this ambitious project, conscious of the need to remind everyone of the importance of the sea for our future intervention

Statement by the Ambassador

Address by the Director of the Museum

Louvre and Marine in the same raft!

© Musée national de la Marine

Wednesday 27 January, at 15h00, the auditorium of the Louvre projects the film of Herlé Jouon The true story of the raft of the Medusa, as part of the International Art Film Days. Broadcast on Art last March, this documentary mixes the history of the most famous raft in the world and that of Géricault facing his masterpiece. The Musée de la Marine and the Musée du Louvre are thus logically associated in this matter, which is commemorated this year as the bicentenary, and which is a kind of summit in the links between maritime history and the history of art.

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Stopover at the Musée de la Marine, a new look at the collections

© Musée national de la Marine

This book, abundantly illustrated, presents more 200 objects of the collections of the National Museum of the Navy, works or objects selected according to a very open vision, leaving a great place to the imaginary. It takes into account the new orientations of the museum, in Paris and its "quays" (Brest, Port-Louis, Rochefort and Toulon) with a willingness to surprise and intrigue readers. Models, paintings, prints, photographs, manuscripts, popular objects, everyday objects or art objects show the extent of the museum's collections at all times.

Published: 14 January 2016
Price: 25 Euro 265 x 222 mm
192 pages
Available in bookstores and all the museum's bookshops (Paris, Brest, Port-Louis, Rochefort and Toulon).


A legend of British sailing at the Musée de la Marine

Titouan Lamazou and Robin Knox-Johnson in the museum galleries.On the trophy, are engraved year and record time, the last name the boat, the skipper and the crew /Visit to the director, Vincent Campredon © Museum of the Navy / S.David RIVÉRIEULX

"I visited to inspect the Trophy Jules Verne, the most exciting trophy in oceanic sailing and now I must plan to return to visit the wonderful exhibits within the museum."
Robin Knox-Johnson
December 11 2015

He is the first man to have completed the round the world solo and non-stop.

Remember: 1969, the Golden Globe Challenge, the race that sees the renunciation of Bernard Moitessier and the tragic disappearance of Donald Crowhurst. In this challenge imagined by Sir Francis Chichester, of the 9 engaged, it is the only one to close the loop and to return Falmouth after 312 days of navigation!
Robin Knox-Johnson chased races and victories, both in crew and solo, taking part in French competitions such as the Jules Verne Trophy, of which he is the second holder with Peter Blake,Enza NZ in 1994, and recently the Route du Rhum 2014 that finishes in third place in its category aboard its 60 feet Gray Power.

Back in Portsmouth, departure to Australia for the famous Sydney-Hobart race are his immediate projects. At 76 years, Sir Robin still loves the sea and being at sea.

The active man of experience is also a man of heart and culture who has savored his visit, too fast, in the collections.

The new vice-president of the 80 Days / Jules Verne Trophy will soon return to France, to the museum in Paris, but also to that of Brest on the occasion of the maritime festivities, Brest qu he will approach with the mythical Suhaili freshly out of work, he smiled already.


An exceptional partnership between the city of Brest and the Musée national de la Marine

Mission to Brest to prepare Brest 2016 / Signing of the partnership agreement at the Nautic © Musée national de la Marine

Vincent Campredon, Director of the National Marine Museum and François Cuillandre, Mayor of Brest and President of " Brest nautical events "Signed on Friday 4 last December on the occasion of the inauguration Boat, a partnership agreement for the 2016 Brest events that will take place from 13 to 19 next July.


The Hermione: heading towards the national museum of the Navy!

The Hermione's crew visiting the museum © Musée national de la Marine / M.bensassi

Olivier Poivre d'Arvor, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Marine Museum and Commissioner-General Vincent Campredon, Director, welcomed on Friday 4 on December afternoon the Hermione Commander Yann Cariou and several members of the crew having participated in the American trip of the Hermione.

In the presence of Benedict Donnelly, President of the Hermione-La Fayette Association and member of the Board of Directors of the Museum and Rear Admiral Thierry Rousseau, Director of the Center for Strategic Studies, the crew visited the collections permanent exhibitions before discovering the exhibition currently in the museum "In the meshes of the net".
This friendly visit ended with a glass of friendship and a photo memorable photo session!


On the construction site
a model of 3 m long and 95kg

Chantier des Collections © Musée national de la Marine

At the Fort of Romainville, the shipyard of the collections begun for several months continues with the conditioning of the large models of ship.

The Museum's conservation team, managers and restorers, and Hugues Terrien, art and collection manager, install the model here at the 1 / 50 of the Messageries Maritimes liner Pierre Loti (MNM 7 MM 39) (1952) on a manipulation tray.

The model was donated by the Messageries to the Museum in 1977. It is a matter of preparing, under the best security conditions, its move to the Dugny Conservation Center and then facilitate its manipulation in the new reserves of the Museum.


The Museum of the Marine launches in the participatory patronage

Detail © F.Le Thiez / MnM


From 2 November to 18 December, become a patron of the restoration of an Art Deco masterpiece.

The national museum of the Navy is launching for the first time in crowdfunding to collect a part of the funds needed to restore an Art Deco masterpiece kept in its reserves.

Thanks to the donations of the generous donors, the work will be entrusted to the care of specialized restorers and will soon return to its place of honor in the halls of the Palais de Chaillot.

Discover the work and its restoration project here


A new director for the National Museum of the Navy


© Hubert Poirot-Bourdin / National Navy Museum / A.Fux


By decree of the President of the Republic, Commissioner General Vincent Campredon is appointed director of the national museum of the Navy from the 1 on September 2015.

Passionate about sea, maritime history and sailing, Vincent Campredon joined 1983, the school of the Naval Commissariat in Toulon after studying public law in Paris.

His embarkations in the sea and his successive positions in various fields, such as the Defense and Information Delegation of the Ministry of Defense (DICOD), NATO spokesman in OPEX, Director of Communications and (SIRPA Marine), or adviser to the Minister of Overseas, enabled her to understand the diversity, the complexity and the importance of the maritime issues of our country.

During his various assignments, he was also brought to work with the National Museum of the Navy; in 2008, for the large exhibition dedicated to Lapérouse, and in 2012 during the exhibition of the official painters of the navy "Escales overseas".

Before taking office at the museum, Commissioner General Vincent Campredon commanded the support group of the defense base (GSBdD) of Brest-Lorient.

He is a knight of the Legion of Honor and an officer of the National Order of Merit.

Key dates :

  • 1985 / 88 : embarkation on board the " EV Henry "In Tahiti then head of cabinet of the helicopter carrier" Jeanne D'Arc »
  • 1995 : School of War (CID)
  • 1996: Commissioner of the Helicopter Holder " Jeanne D'Arc »
  • 1999 : Head of the Spokesman's Office at DICOD and then NATO Spokesman in Kosovo
  • 2002 : "Plume" of the Chief of Staff of the Navy and responsible for internal communication of the Navy
  • 2004 : Commander of the Sirpa Marine
  • 2008 : auditor of the 58th session of the Center for Advanced Military Studies (CHEM) and the 61th session of the Institute of Higher National Defense Studies (IHEDN)
  • 2009 : "Sea, defense and security" adviser to the Minister for Overseas Territories
  • 2012: head of the defense base support group (GSBdD) in Brest-Lorient



Quality tourism label in Rochefort
Visitors: we love you!

© National Museum of the Navy / D.roland


The State has just awarded the Qualité Tourisme label to 4 sites in Poitou-Charentes: the Marine Museum, the Naval School of Medicine, the Royal Rope and the Aquarium of La Rochelle. What a beautiful world! These are the first places of visit of the Region to be thus distinguished. Note, without malice that 3 are in Rochefort, where the welcome is not a vain word ...

On the basis of a long work of audits, advice and upgrades, the State guarantees the quality of the visit to a site. From the cleanliness of the toilets to signage to the practice of foreign languages, close to 400 criteria are sifted. It's work, but it's worth it! For the museum, which sees its two establishments rochefortais at the forefront of the issue, the most important lies in a team approach where hospitality is a craft that does not improvise and where most of the visit is played .

The 4 sites labeled mainly form a quartet of precursors, very eager to be joined in the coming years by other cultural and tourist players of the Region

Pour en savoir plus the Quality Tourism website



Last acquisition at the museum
Regatta of the monotypes of Chatou, on the Seine, in Paris, the 11 June 1922

A rugged representation of an ancestor (1902) of modern dinghies

© National Maritime Museum / A.Fux


The Association of Friends of the Marine Museum has just offered the museum a remarkable watercolor gouache by Léon Haffner (1881-1972) enabling it to enrich the Plaisance theme of its collections.
This work of the early twentieth century of an official Navy painter is, in several ways, particularly interesting, by the event it illustrates, the boats it staged and the personality of its author.

On the basins of Chatou and Meulan, still sail in fine weather the last three remaining subsisting units.

To learn more about the monotype of Chatou, the work and the painter, museum site Rubrique New acquisitions and Neptunia N ° 276. To see on The monotype of Chatou on the water level of Meulan les Mureaux for the 80 years of the installation of the YCIF / CNC. YCIF 80 ans Monotype of Chatou






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