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Burning Islanders and Monuments of Easter Island, Duchy of Vancy, 1785 © Musée national de la Marine

Laperouse and French explorers of the Pacific, discoveries and scientific knowledge spaces
(1760 -1840)

As part of the exhibition The Lapérouse Mystery, the National Marine Museum, organized the 17 and 18 October 2008, an international symposium dedicated to major French expeditions of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, from Bougainville to Dumont d'Urville, in The pacific.

The scientific, political and commercial objectives of these circumnavigations campaigns have been studied in the light of the stakes
Strategic and International time. Researchers and experts from various backgrounds have prepared the statement of scientific research.

  • By Etienne Taillemite

Travel Bougainville and La Perouse, Comparison Test

  • Against Admiral François Bellec

Of the good use of the inheritance of Charles Quint.

  • By Alain Morgat

Disagreements cordial relations between naval officers and scientists in the French voyages of discovery of the eighteenth century.

  • By Isabelle Gregor

Bougainville traveler-philosopher versatile model or single traveler? Between sincerity and artifice of the logbook to travel around the world.

  • By Bertrand Daugeron

Cabinet side: the desertion of Oceania in French collections.

  • Odile Gannier

In the shadow of the great journeys: Dealer log legitimization efforts (1790-1792).

  • By Elsa Brander

Portraying Otherness - The Representation of Tasmania in the late eighteenth century (1791-1794).

  • By Margaret Sankey

The construction of the scientific knowledge of the Baudin expedition: the journals of scientists and officers

  • By Françoise Ternant-Pinguet

Confrontation of the story of Bougainville "travel around the world" and his log

  • By John Patrick Greene

The perception of the native object: a key to the discovery for the Lapérouse expedition

  • By Claude Stefani

The two brothers Lesson, two Rochefortais, members of the personnel of Naval Health, actors and witnesses of the exploration of the Pacific

  • By Jean-Philippe Zanco

The Forgotten Legacy of Dumont d'Urville and the Explorers of the Pacific: Voyages of Gaston de Rocquemaurel, 1837-1854.

  • By Matthieu Desachy

"If in enguet tan len that cambiat fusguèt in brounzo and we brounzo Tournet" The Albigensian lapérousienne versions of the Vulgate (1826 - 1941).

  • By Vincent Guigueno

"We are not newcomers to these seas" Centennial Laperouse and French presence in the Pacific (1879-89).

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