Accessibility in Toulon

The museum is accessible to people with motor, hearing, mental or psychic disabilities.

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The museum is accessible to people with motor, hearing, mental or psychic disabilities. Work is underway to improve accessibility for people with visual and hearing disabilities. Making the museum accessible to as many people as possible is a priority.

The museum also offers visitor assistance tools for the visually impaired and visually impaired.

label var accessible for the mental handicap

The museum has the qualification "Accessible Var" for the mentally handicapped and has taken the steps to obtain the label "Tourism & Handicap" in 2019.

Work to improve the general accessibility of the museum is planned.

Accessible cultural offer

Visits and workshops

The different activities are not specifically designed for people with disabilities but can be adapted. The whole offer of visits and workshops is adapted to people in wheelchairs. It is adaptable on request for people with visual, mental or psychic disabilities. Please specify your needs when booking.

For any information or reservation:
04 22 42 02 01 (Monday to Friday from 9h to 17h)

Visiting tools

To borrow

For your comfort
Tools and support for the visit are made available at the reception. They are free, on presentation of an identity card:

  • 2 baby carriers
  • 2 strollers
  • 2 wheelchairs "all terrain"
  • 20 folding auxiliary seats

The seats are light and can therefore skid. They may not be accessible to people with visual or mobility impairments.

For your curiosity

Tools and support for the visit are available at the bookstore:

  • Audioguides (included in the price of entry, or 2 € for people enjoying free entrance)

Comments are available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
The audioguide can be equipped with a magnetic induction loop, on request.

  • 1 booklet in braille

Free loan, on request at the reception. It presents the old monumental door of the arsenal and the evolution of the port of Toulon through relief plans.

  • Games for children and families (from 7 years)

On sale at the reception at 1,50 €. They allow to explore the museum independently and playfully.

To discover throughout your visit

For your curiosity

  • 1 tactile model of a ship of 74 guns
  • 1 tactile model of a galley
  • 1 tactile model of a battleship
  • 1 tactile model of an aircraft carrier
  • 1 tactile model of a submarine
  • 2 objects of permanent collections to touch: the bell of the arsenal of Louis XIV for the old navy and the torpedo for the contemporary navy
  • Movies

The movies are not audiodewritten or subtitled.

For more information on the accessibility of the museum in Toulon and the cultural offer accessible, you can consult the Public Accessibility Registry here.
The public accessibility register is also available on request at the museum reception.

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