Accessibility, collection, Rochefort

Free entry for visitors, on presentation of proof, and for a person accompanying him. Wheelchair loan.


Hotel de Cheusses receives national label Tourism and Handicap for the hearing, mental and visual.






Parking and tracking, the reception shop and toilets are accessible to people with reduced mobility (lift).
Seats are arranged in all the showrooms. A wheelchair is free for visitors.
The permanent collections are accessible only on ground floor, ground floor with reception.






The museum does not have a lift.




visitors deaf

The home is equipped with a magnetic loop amplifier for hearing impaired visitors.
The audio guide has a magnetic loop necklace on request (no charge).
The entire content of the audio guide is available in a booklet at the reception (scriptoguide).
Each work and each room are being developed for an explanation in writing on cartel or room panel.

Guided tours are possible in LSF on reservation, groups can bring their interpreters.




Visually Impaired Visitors

The texts of the permanent collections are available:

  1. Braille
  2. in Braille
  3. in large print on demand to home (business plan and full board) for the visually impaired and blind visitors visitors (an accompanying person is required).

A mobile touchscreen device is available for individual visitors and groups. Tactile visits, limited to 20 people are possible on request.




Visitors intellectual disabilities

The tour is available for individuals: business plans and tailored interior signage.
Visit suited available for groups limited to 25 people accompanying understood.

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