Library of Rochefort

Rich 25 000 volumes devoted mainly to the anatomy, medical and natural sciences.

General view of the library © Musée national de la Marine / F. Valegeas

Created from the foundation of the school in 1722, the library is funded XVIIIe century as a modest intake of students, for the purchase of books. The doctor's legacy Cuvelier in 1780 and revolutionaries entered as the first set. In 1800 to 1890, an institution is established, with a librarian and an acquisition budget. 1837 reorganized according to the appearance that it still has today, it functions as a high school library.

After 1890 became an auxiliary school library, it continues to be enriched with medical books up to 1964. Place of visit, highlight of the discovery of the place, the library is always accessible to the consultation, on simple appointment.


Originally designed to meet the stringent requirements of educational instruction to target practice, the fund has evolved in line with the intellectual level of naval surgeons ever-widening their areas of expertise.

Today rich about 25 000 volumes, the library is a source of top notch references concerning the evolution of medicine turned to the seas and naval treaties of exotic diseases, travelogues, improving living conditions edge health service in the colonies. It also reflects the ambitions of an interdisciplinary pedagogy, where the sciences are not compartmentalized. Botany, zoology, geology, and more generally all areas of natural history constitute about a third of the fund works.

Chronologically, the fund is dominated by the nineteenth century. The oldest book is an incunabulum of 1478. Consisting mainly of printed matter, the fund also have manuscripts of primary interest as evidence of Physicians and Surgeons and an important set of carry-out reports.

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Library of the former Naval School of Medicine
25, Admiral Meyer Street
17300 Rochefort
Such. 05 46 99 59 57

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