An update on the accessibility of establishments, cultural programming and the website.

Accessibility of institutions

Since the 2000 years, the National Museum of the Navy has been part of a process of actions for the disabled public and the so-called public of the social field, in order to tend towards an accessibility to all the public. This approach was reinforced in 2015 by the filing of an Ad'AP (programmed accessibility agenda) for the compliance of all its establishments, and the launch of the project of complete renovation of the museum in Paris in 2017 .

We invite you to browse the pages of each establishment to learn more about their accessibility.

(The pages of each establishment are in progress)


Accessible Accessible
Partially accessible Partially accessible
Not available Not available

Cultural programming is specific to each institution. The different activities are not specifically designed for people with disabilities. We invite you to get closer to the teams on site, by mail or telephone, to adapt the offer to your needs.

Accessibility of the website

Declaration of conformity

This page is not a help page, but a declaration of conformity to the 3.0 GRANT that aims to define the general level of accessibility found on the site in accordance with the regulations. This page is required to comply with the RGAA 3.0. For aids relating to the navigation and the special arrangements of the site, visit the help page .
The declaration of conformity of the site was established on 24 June 2019.
The version of the GRFA used to perform the tests is the 3.0 version.

Identity of the declarant

Musée national de la Marine
Palais de Chaillot
17 place of Trocadero and November 11
75116 Paris

Technologies used on the site

  • CMS Drupal 7
  • HTML5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript + jQuery
  • SVG
  • Flash player

User agents and assistive technologies used to verify the accessibility of content

The content restoration checks were carried out on the basis of the combination provided by the RGAA 3 reference database, with the following versions:

  • Firefox 67 and NVDA 2019.1.1
  • Internet Explorer 11 and JAWS 17
  • Safari and VoiceOver

The following tools were used during the evaluation:

  • Automatic evaluation software: Tanaguru
  • Color Contrast Analyzer
  • RGAA Assistant (DINSIC)
  • Firebug for Firefox, Extension Web developer for Firefox
  • Extension Heading maps for Firefox
  • Web accessibility toolbar for Internet Explorer
  • HTML validator of W3C

Site pages that have been subject to compliance verification

Title of the page URL
Home -Brest
Legal Notice
Rochefort Accessibility
Practical information Brest
The agenda its museums
Events in Port Louis
Animations -Ma Box World
Raymond Depardon
Brest -Educational resources
Work - Interior of the port of Marseille, Joseph Vernet
In The Press
The museum on social networks
Espace Mécènes
Museum Editions
Digitized works
Sustainable Development Week
Research (term "marine")
Construction Treaty
2019 Programming

Test results

An audit of the site, carried out by the company Oceane consulting, reveals overall compliance with XGAX Level AA GRB of 37,5%.
• 24 compliant criteria (including 18 level A)
• 40 nonconforming criteria (including 37 level A)
• 38 non-applicable criteria (including 27 level A)


Right to compensation

It is important to remember that under Article 11 of the February 2005 Act, the disabled person has the right to compensation for the consequences of his disability, regardless of the origin and nature of his disability, his age or his lifestyle.
As a result, each organization is obliged to take the necessary measures to give access, within a reasonable time, to the information and functionalities sought by the disabled person, whether the content is subject to a derogation or not.

Derogated contents

  • YouTube video player.
  • The Musée de la Marine is committed to producing a text transcript of its videos and synchronized audiodescription if necessary on future videos.
  • PDF products before 2020
  • Virtual exhibition program in Flash technology


To better meet the criteria of web accessibility, the National Museum of the Navy undertakes to completely overhaul its website by 2022. As a result, the current site will not be corrected. Only new publications on the site will be accessible by its contributors.

Defender of Rights

If you discover a lack of accessibility preventing you from accessing content or functionality of the site, that you notify us and that you are unable to get a quick response from us, you are entitled to send your complaints or a request for referral to the Defender of Rights. Several ways are at your disposal:
• a Contact form ;
• the list of the delegate (s) from your region with their direct contact information;
• a postal address: The Defender of Rights - 7 rue Saint-Florentin - 75409 Paris Cedex 08.

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